Project Description

The problem

In today’s working environment the majority of work is done in teams. Each member of staff is more than likely to be part of more than one project team at a time.

The rapid provisioning of a new veterinary primary care clinic posed a number of issues. Traditional sequential collaboration, where one issue is passed from one individual to the next, would prove too slow, hindering the progress of the project. This in turn would increase the risk of the project timescales not being met, consequently creating additional costs for the business.

The solution

A Google Site was created that allowed for a centralised project location. Internal and external teams could access shared documents via this Site. The Google Site afforded the team multiple ways to access their shared documents.

Google Sheets created project timelines and recorded the project’s key stages. Members of the team could work together with real-time collaboration. Information about changes and progress being made was readily accessible to all members.

The external team of architects could change the plans to the latest versions as the build progressed. Both internal and external members had the ability to access the Google Site for detailed drawings and updates. This was made possible by Google Drive’s ability to handle all file types.

G Suite’s ability to share and create permissions for access to documents and information allowed teams to expand or contract as the project continued toward completion.




G Suite creates project collaboration and overcomes the challenges of modern teams by:

  • Being a collaborative platform
  • Built for teams
  • Works with all files
  • Being mobile-first
  • Secure and easy to manage
  • Extensible and limitless

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