Project Description

The problem

The modern workplace groups itself into teams, and these teams handle the flow of work through the business. Work is completed as a sequence of steps from initiation to completion.

The creation of this work within the business comes from various directions. Our client required rapid visibility of cases coming into the business via email.

The solution

Google Mail was developed to cascade visibility of cases coming into the business to administrative and clinical teams.

Google Mail’s ability to create email delegates allows for the rapid processing of emails by the administrative team, while Google Groups allows for the channelling of email to clinical team. Easy access for these teams is enabled by Google Sites. The clinical team member is able to access information via their login at any terminal across all locations.

Audit reports and alerts are in place, while sync & sharing controls have been determined. Messages are encrypted at-rest & in-transit. App & domain whitelisting is on operation and suspicious login detection is present, strengthening the security of data.

All of these G Suite features have allowed Google Mail’s benefits to be fully realised – and, more importantly, allow our client to see their case files the second they dropped into their inboxes.




G Suite can help create flexible workflow structures by:

  • Being a collaborative platform
  • Built for teams
  • Works with all files
  • Being mobile-first
  • Secure and easy to manage
  • Extendable and limitless

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