Project Description

The problem

The working environment of our client rapidly changes from day to day, but the traditional systems did not cater to their needs. The previous setup did not allow for updates for the day’s activity or for quick access to staff or shift-related material. The working day brings in new challengers that managers, staff, nurses and clinicians need to address.

The client required flexible and secure access to information and systems in ever-changing environments. The new infrastructure would have to afford users the ability to edit, share, create and work collaboratively on documents, tracking any changes across a range of devices. Simple troubleshooting would also be a necessity, taking support calls and conversing over the internet when and where necessary.

The solution

Google Drive gives everyone access to the files they need. Allowing for access to internal training and knowledge transfer materials. Shift pattern and holiday forms. HR and Health and Safety.

Google Mail is allowing rapid communication of changes directly to mobile or workstation allowing management peace of mind that the right information is reaching vital teams at the right time.

Google Sites give access to collections of documents and information needed by teams and individuals. Sites are being used to group relevant document together so that they can be easily accessed by the right teams at the right time.

Google Groups are allowing daily work flows to be visible to members of the clinical team as they come in. This is allowing vital information about the case to be seen be the appropriate clinical team at the right time.

Google Forms are being used to create case letters within this dynamic environment rapidly. Allowing the clinician to reports back to referring partners quickly and accurately. Statistical feedback also becomes rapidly available as information is automatically captured in Google Sheets.





G Suite tackles to modern working environment and the challenges that mobility raises by:

  • Being a collaborative platform
  • Built for teams
  • Works with all files
  • Being mobile-first
  • Secure and easy to manage
  • Extensible and limitless

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