The total cost of ownership for technology builds as more technology shortcuts collect within a business. The accumulation of technology shortcuts has created the phrase “Technology Debt”. CoPo’s software development for management is our answer to this technology debt.

Our tried and tested solutions

CoPo have the technology and management disciplines to realign or rewrite technology short cuts that are preventing positive changes to take place. We are implementing solutions that are driving efficiencies in the clients that we work with.

CoPo’s software development for management approach is centred around:

  • Development after design
  • Reduction in incomplete changes
  • Understand the implication of change
  • Flexible software
  • Inefficient or difficult technology replacement
  • Integration with known standards

The software development process

CoPo recently worked with a client that was weighed down by increasing manual processes as a result of system complexity. The client hired more staff to do the same job increasing cost, time and frustration within the business.

We worked with the client to define, design and develop the process on a cloud based application. This enabled the client to keep on top of the growing work and develop new initiatives to bring in further revenue.

Our client is now able to move this manual process to the digital environment. It is creating key competitive differentiators including the ability to extend how new business is coming in and how interactions are being performed online with their customers.

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