Project Description

The problem

One client’s website and branding was generic and bland, rendering them invisible amongst their competitors.

Another client required their own bespoke website, one which provided a sleek front-facing experience for the user, but offered unique functionality for the staff and administrators behind the scenes. The site would not only be a place where customers could peruse items and send in their requirements; it would also be the hub for internal event management, assigning the waiting workforce to upcoming events.

The solution

For the first client, we developed a new website, along with a revamp of their branding materials.

Built on the popular and accessible WordPress CMS, the site boasts a stylish new rebrand. The logo, previously a composite of stock images, features the same typeface as before, stripped back for a professional, modern look. That extends to the site itself, decked out in dark gold and light grey livery. No longer an identikit afterthought, the website is dynamic and responsive, equally striking on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

For the second client, we constructed a new website with a custom-built event management facility, easy SEO implementation, fully working and tested contact forms, and an aesthetically pleasing look to boot, all housed within one efficient custom framework. The event management functionality for administrators and users was top priority.Waiting staff to be automatically notified of any new events. Any interested staff members would then be required to inform their availability online.

We created a login area for members of staff, where each individual user could view the latest events, as well as being able to download timesheets, P46 documents and rules and regulations, as well as the capability to update their own details. Users can register their interest in working an event with one simple click of a button, with the office team notified via email.

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