CoPo has accrued almost 10 years of experience within the veterinary medicine sector. As a result we have comprehensive knowledge of medical modality management and medical image integration.

CoPo has managed and supported deployments of the following medical modalities:

  • MRI machines
  • CT machines
  • Xray machines
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Dental xray
  • Fluoroscopy machines

Manufacturers and suppliers that we have worked with include:

  • Toshiba
  • Konica Minolta
  • Canon
  • iM3
  • Celtic SMR
  • Veterinary X-rays
  • MIUS

CoPo’s¬†medical image management

To cope with the volume of medical images generated CoPo and successfully deployed PACS for veterinary practices. A PACS is a picture archiving and communication system.

Our PACS deployments have allowed:

  • The viewing of medical images anywhere on the network via PC, Apple device or dumb terminal
  • The viewing of medical images across VPN
  • Accessing the PACS and medical images through Google Sites
  • Integration with Osirix and Synedra medial viewers
  • Replication of DICOM data format across affordable NAS devices
  • The securing of DICOM images on affordable storage
  • Sharing of medical images via email

Deployment of a flexible PACS system

The growth of modalities and the increased rate in which medical images start to be created means that a PACS system needs to be deployed.

Temporary storage solutions, for the medical images, have given time to evaluate PACS systems and to develop your medical imaging processes. You may have concluded that the majority of solutions lack flexibility and require a heavy financial investment.

The implementation of an organisation wide PACS system will aid evidence based diagnosis, raising the standard of clinical care.

If this is the situation that your organisation faces, then contact CoPo.

We can help with all of the following:

  • Hardware infrastructure with sufficient storage capacity
  • Network capacity
  • Stable PACS software solution
  • Backup solution
  • Licence management and inclusion for full user access
  • Licence management and inclusion for modality growth
  • Ongoing support
  • Development path

Milestones for deployment

The deployment teams are organised. Hardware (if required) is ordered. The project is scheduled. Modality configurations settings organised.

The hardware is physically built and the operating system is installed. The PACS solution is installed, configured and tested in readiness for onsite installation.

Modalities and PACS system are allocated static IP addresses on the network. The AE titles and port numbers of the modalities are configured.

The deployment team will install the hardware in the server rack or other suitable location. Connection of modalities to the PACS is created and tested. Viewing test images is done across devices.

The migration of data from the modalities is started. This gives access to historical images and creates data resilience. User familiarisation of how to transfer from modalities and view images starts.

The backup routine is created. This allows for the offsite backup of medical images into the cloud. Backups are tested and monitored so that data recovery is possible in case of data failure.

The project is now completed and signed off. The support contract begins. This creates business stability and point of contact for any issues to be resolved.

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