Adopted by millions of users the world over, G Suite by Google is a comprehensive collection of applications, each designed to interact seamlessly with one another to the benefit of your business. Offering functionality from collaborative document writing and editing right through to file storage, site creation and conference calling, G Suite integrates your system processes into one simple, affordable solution.

Unsurprisingly, Google’s extensive suite is fast becoming one of the market leaders in cloud services. Millions of business users have moved onto the cloud with G Suite; isn’t it time you joined them?

Drive allows you to store all of your important files and documents within the cloud, backed up securely and accessible to users with just the click of a button.
An easy-to-use email client, accessible anywhere from any device, Gmail offers myriad benefits, including organisational tools and your own email address.
Hangouts offers users a new way of communicating with clients and colleagues alike, from instant messaging and video chats to VoIP and conference calls.
Google’s ever-popular Docs application allows users to write, edit and share documents on the fly – and enables other users to work from the very same page.
Google Sheets serves as a simple, easy to use and frequently updated spreadsheet application, enabling users to tally up the numbers together in an online environment.
You can create and present striking slides with the help of your colleagues – and with or without an internet connection – courtesy of slideshow app Google Slides.
Using Google Forms, users can not only tailor their own surveys and quizzes to their market audience, but can also sync them up to spreadsheets via Sheets.
With features such as smart scheduling of meetings, public-facing calendars and extensive integration and migration, Calendar is a must-have app for businesses.
The provider’s own social network allows businesses to build their own pages and create their own circles of influence, keeping connected to their clients.
Google Sites provides a breeding ground for business ideas, allowing users to share and collaborate via their own intuitive internally created web pages.
Streamlined for ease of use and mobile optimised, Groups acts as a conversation hotspot, a place where online discussion groups can thrive and be followed via email.
With an extensive set of sorting features, and incredibly simple import and export functions, Contacts can help organise all of those addresses and details in one place.
Vault is Google’s own archiving service, enabling its users to find and preserve messages and Hangouts, as well as helping to manage all manner of business data.
Administrators can manage G Suite from their very own console, adding and removing users and devices and configuring the suite to your company’s satisfaction.

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