Keeping you connected to your business network.

With cloud services, everything is connected, from documents and spreadsheets stored in the cloud to servers and software packages.

To get the very best out of the cloud infrastructure, a business requires fast, reliable, secure connectivity, both online and off.

Our technical solutions can deliver just that, providing greater resilience, capacity, reliability and speed across your business. No stress, no fuss, just superfast connectivity across your office and beyond.

Our connectivity solutions

CoPo works with companies to assess the options depending on the workforce, intended usage and location before determining a solution that’s fit for purpose. Our technicians can take care of broadband migration on your behalf, ensuring that the switch to a new provider is simple and seamless.

For those businesses requiring their own unrestricted connection, our leased line broadband solutions offer a dedicated, point-to-point connection, always available for your exclusive use.

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Fast, resilient point-to-point connections for elite performance.


Our network extension service provides point-to-point data connectivity between sites. It can be used to build and extend networks, develop infrastructure, and meet low & high capacity backhaul requirements (i.e. up to 10Gbps).

We can now offer High Capacity Secure Circuit solutions to your business, bringing lightning-fast, low-latency, resilient, point-to-point symmetrical bandwidth between two sites up to 25km apart.

Find out more about our groundbreaking HCSC solutions, the successful case studies and their possible implementations by clicking here.


Local and hosted internet telephony at affordable prices.


VoIP is a call-management service hosted within the cloud, which allows users to experience the benefits of voice over IP wherever they are without the need for an office-based telephony system.

Your calls are carried over the internet, which reduces the need to pay escalating phone bills. It allows for greater interaction with colleagues, and can take your customer communication to new levels.

The service is fully hosted, so management can rest safe in the knowledge that the experts are maintaining their business VoIP.

Leased lines

A permanent, unrestricted, exclusive connection for your business.

Leased lines

Leased lines are introduced when resilience and capacity are major business requirements. They offer a dedicated, point to point, unrestricted Internet connection that is permanently available for your exclusive use.

You don’t share your connection with anyone else. As a result, your uncontended connection can reach optimum levels, offering the fastest symmetrical speeds available while providing the ultimate in reliability.

Leased lines are ideal when your business requires a resilient, fast, high capacity ‘always on’ Internet connection.

SIP Trunks

A faster, cost-effective alternative to traditional ISDN.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are our standards based replacement for traditional ISDN. SIP connects your PBX to the PSTN network via broadband, Ethernet or private circuit.

SIP Trunks are less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and delivers extremely robust business continuity as standard.

With palpable speed, cost and flexibility benefits, SIP Trunks are a viable connectivity alternative.


A range of different broadband solutions, tailored to your business' needs.


CoPo also offers traditional broadband solutions to businesses in the region, covering a wide range of connectivity types to suit your company’s size and budget.

We can source and install fibre optic or ADSL broadband for your business premises, with monthly prices starting at just £15.99 (excluding setup fee). We can guide you towards the right solution for your business, taking care of configuration and delivery on your behalf.

For the full fibre and ADSL broadband price lists, please click here.


Virtualising machines and servers can save money and real estate.


CoPo has teamed up with SITS Group, one of the UK’s leading partners in the field, to bring a bespoke virtualisation service to clients.

Rather than stacking old hardware long and high in finite data centres, companies can place ‘virtual machines’ onto servers. Each of these ‘machines’ shares the same computing resources, minimising the space required and the costs of server purchase and maintenance.

Efficient, secure and cost-effective, virtualisation can improve your IT’s performance, free up physical space and drastically reduce costs in one fell swoop.

Connecting companies across the north of England.

We have project managed and overseen the installation of numerous connectivity solutions and technological upgrades on behalf of our clients in the region. Find out more on our Projects page.



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